Microchip Identification:

Millions of cats are lost or stolen every year.  Having your cat implanted with a microchip dramatically increases your chances of having them found and returned should they ever go missing.  Most cats living inside do not wear a name tag or collar. Even if your cat does wear a collar there is a good possibility that it may fall off or become snagged on something.  A microchip is a permanent way to identify your kitty should they ever be picked up outside of your care. Some outdoor cats are lost by accident, sleeping in the bed of a truck or being trapped in a cat trap meant for another kitty.  It is required that outdoor cats have some form of identification.  A microchip is the best option. 


The microchip that we implant at The Cat Clinic is about the size of a rice grain.  The typical location for the microchip to be implanted is subcutaneously (under the skin) around the shoulder blades of your kitty.  Each microchip is programmed with a unique number which we have you register to your personal information.  We have you fill out a form containing the best contact information for you should your cat ever be picked up and scanned.  This registration information is sent to the Hawaiian Humane Society for an island-wide database and we record the identification number to your kitty’s medical record with us.  We are able to implant a microchip at any time.  However, having a microchip put in during an anesthetic procedure such as a spay or neuter is the perfect time since they will be under anesthesia at the time. Most cats or kittens adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society or another adoption facility are already registered with a microchip.  You should be sure to have the microchip transferred to your name when you take over care for a cat from another person.  


For more assistance registering your cat’s microchip information please click here. 

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