Planning a trip? Worried about who can watch your feline friend while you're away? 


Look no further, we've got you covered!

The Cat Clinic has an entire floor dedicated to boarding cats. There are multiple cages that offer larger living spaces when available to open into double cages.  We have many patients that are also frequent boarders and settle in quite easily. Ask to see our boarding facilities any time during normal business hours. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a tour.

There is a fantastic view of Diamond Head from the cats' boarding window. There are multiple windows available for their cat viewing pleasure.  Our boarding feline guests are allowed time out of their cages twice a day while we are doing feedings and cleanings. We do not allow multiple cats out at the same time to ensure the safety of all animals. We do allow cats from the same household to play together should you request this during their stay.

Feeding and Diet:

We encourage all cats planning to board to bring the foods they typically eat at home. We do, however, carry veterinary diets Science Diet and Royal Canin should your cat need to continue a prescription diet during their stay.  The cat's eating habits, urination and bowel movements are also monitored closely to avoid any additional problems during their stay.

Medication and Examinations:

If your kitty has special needs such as medications, fluids or insulin injections we can accommodate these treatments as many times as necessary throughout the day.  We can also perform exams, diagnostics and start new treatment as needed during their stay.  We can offer you peace of mind with a veterinarian available during all business hours and trained veterinary assistants taking care of your cat's every need. 

Please Note:

  • The Cat Clinic requires that all cats boarding with us be up to date with an Annual Exam performed in our clinic.  We can update this exam for current patients during their boarding period if you prefer.  

  • Vaccinations are required to be up to date and an intranasal FVR-IN vaccination will be administer at the beginning of boarding if the FVRCP vaccine has not be administered within the past 6 months.  This is to ensure that your kitty is protected as much as possible from upper respiratory infections.

  • All new clients will need to schedule an exam prior to the boarding date to establish a relationship with you and your kitty friend before we have you drop them off for their stay.

  • There are different boarding charges depending on your cat's required level of care.  Please call The Cat Clinic to get an estimate of charges for your cat's specific boarding needs.  We request that you bring any medications your kitty is currently taking to avoid additional fees.

  • We request that all boarders be dropped off by 4:30pm on weekdays and 11:30am on Saturday.  The clinic will be closed on Sundays so no drop offs or pick ups will be allowed until the following business day.  We do, however, have staff in to feed and clean on Sundays.  

  • We do not have veterinary assistants or veterinarians in the clinic overnight and should your cat require 24 hour supervision/care we can refer you to an emergency clinic. 

If you have a boarding reservation with us and would like to fill out the boarding authorization form prior to the drop off date please click here.  Fill out the form at your convenience and bring in the completed paperwork at the drop off time for your kitty's boarding reservation.

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