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General Exams
We schedule 30 minute exam blocks. You can expect to be interviewed by a nurse at the beginning of the appointment. The nurse briefs the doctor who will thoroughly examine your feline with the assistance of the nurse. All problems will be discussed and a plan formulated to address all problems. The nurse will provide you with an estimate, after which the doctor and nurse perform the agreed to procedures.
Exams are free for felines adopted from the Hawaii Humane Society in the last month.
The Cat Clinic Services
We take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for each individual feline

​The Cat Clinic has an in house laboratory for tests we need in a hurry, and for routine testing that does not require the expertise of the carefully calibrated diagnostic machines at the send out labs. We always recommend performing the best quality test for accurate diagnostics. 
Our recommendation is for every cat to have general blood and urine testing once they reach the age of 10 years. There are also a variety of other tests we recommend based on the problem your feline may be having.
Digital Radiographs
Technology has come a long way. The Cat Clinic has CR radiographs that provide rapid x-ray views, and adjustable size and exposure settings to allow us to zoom in and focus on the smallest abnormality for detailed viewing. We can also send these images to Dr Burns, our radiologist for his professional opinion and written report available by the next morning.
Laboratory Diagnostics
​Our doctors perform a variety of surgical procedures for your feline. We also have access to a board certified veterinary surgeon to help perform the more involved surgeries right here in our surgery suite.
Cancer Treatment
Felines in Hawaii live longer and longer. Unfortunately this means their bodies have more time to develop problems such as cancer. Trust The Cat Clinic if you choose to pursue cancer surgery or chemotherapy for your feline. We are well versed in feline cancer and can help you make decisions you feel are the best for your cancer patient. 
We believe in clean teeth.  Early on treats such as Greenies, dental diets, and tooth brushing help to keep teeth and gums healthy. When dental tartar collects or gum disease develops, only an anesthetized dental cleaning that reaches under the gums will get your felines mouth back to good health. Ideally we perform a dental cleaning before the teeth need extracting, but if needed we can remove teeth too. 
Spay and Neuter Surgery
Surgical sterilization is important for both female and male cats. In the female it helps to prevent breast cancer, unwanted kittens, and continuous vocalization and behavior associated with heat cycles. In the male cat it helps to prevent urine spraying, roaming behavior to find a queen, and can moderate aggression. Also a male cat has very strong smelling urine before he is neutered.
Freezing therapy for bumps and lumps. Some skin masses are in areas that can not be surgically removed. Giving them a good freeze can sometimes get rid of the skin problem and other times at least slow down the growth to be of benefit. Dr Mat Belcher performs cryotherapy when he is at our practice.
Blood Pressure Measurement
Olderkitties can have elevated blood pressure associated with other conditions, or as a primary problem. At all senior exams for cats 10 years and older we strongly recommend measuring the blood pressure. To do this we place a blood pressure cuff around the tail and shave a small spot on the underside of the tail distal to the cuff to apply the doppler. Multiple readings are performed to increase accuracy. Blood pressure lower agents such as Amlodipine are prescribed for cats with high blood pressure.
Laser Therapy
Infrared Laser from Companion is a beautiful adjunct to assist with control of arthritis pain, and bone and wound healing. We offer every surgery patient laser therapy on recovery to speed healing and help control pain.  Kitties love the warm therapeutic feeling of the laser during treatment.