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Boarding - Home Away From Home
Boarding - Home Away From Home
Just above the clinic is a large boarding kennel. Cats are cared for by our same dedicated nursing staff. If any problems happen to come up during your kitties stay, we are right there to treat the problem before it becomes a serious issue. Some clients elect to have the Annual Exam or teeth cleaned during the boarding stay to make the most of the time spent with us here at The Cat Clinic.
Please call and we will explain boarding policies and check availability.  We do require a current exam, or a preboarding exam for those kitties which are not active clients of The Cat Clinic.
Click on the link below to print out the forms required for boarding. We will have the form at the clinic if you are unable to fill it out prior to the boarding stay.  This form is for current clients only who have confirmed boarding appointments. 

Boarding Authorization Form
    We encourage cat owners to bring their cat's current diet with them when they board with us. We like to eliminate any stomach upset by changing their food abruptly. Any changes to a cat's routine can be stressful so as many things as we can keep routine for them the better. We have a little cubby designated to each cat to hold all of their belongings. 

    Holidays and school breaks are always our busiest time of the year. The best thing to do should you need boarding for these times is to call us to book the your cat's boarding stay as soon as you know you will be needing it. Boarding space is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. While we wish we could see all of our furry friends we really want them to be comfortable during their stay so we apologize if there is no space available for the time you need.

    Cleanings and feedings are done at least twice daily. The veterinary staff is always on the look out for a dirty litter pan or low water bowl throughout the business days.  If your cat has special feeding requirements please let the front desk know at the drop off time.  We try to accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities. 
The Cat Clinic has an entire floor dedicated to boarding cats. There are multiple cages that offer larger living spaces when available to open into double cages.  We have many patients that are also frequent boarders and settle in quite easily. Ask to see our boarding facilities any time during normal business hours. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a tour.
There is a fantastic view of Diamond Head from the cats' boarding window. There are multiple windows available for their cat viewing pleasure.  Our boarding feline guests are allowed time out of their cages twice day while we are doing feedings and cleanings. We do not allow mulitple cats out at the same time to ensure the safety of all animals. We do allow cats from the same household to play together should you request this during their stay.
We encourage all cats planning to board to bring the foods they typically eat at home. We do, however, carry veterinary diets Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin should your cat need to continue a prescription diet during their stay.  The cat's eating habits, urination and bowel movements are also monitored closely to avoid any additional problems during their stay.