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We are the only animal hospital providing feline specific practice in Hawaii. Founded by Dr Suzanne Sylvester-Palumbo and Dr Nicholas Palumbo in October of 1988, The Cat Clinic has a long history of caring for your feline family. We provide the special attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

At The Cat Clinic we know that sometimes just getting your cat into the carrier can be a major ordeal. The last thing you want after the car ride is to walk into an office waiting room and place your carrier beside an unfamiliar dog. Come into The Cat Clinic and have a restful seat. Our skilled staff will guide you though the appointment, and even do the holding while the doctor examines your cat.
The Cat Clinic will always remember the important contribution Nicholas and Timmy Palumbo made to the clinic and our lives. Dr Nicholas Palumbo was well practiced at surgery, and saved many feline lives. Spike our blood donor kitty is a small example of his resourceful skill. Spike would have lost his leg if Dr Palumbo had not transposed the pad of the foot to the end of his fractured leg to give Spike a pad to walk on and maintain use of the limb. Timmy was our ray of sunshine. He knew how to appreciate the small things, and kept us grounded to what is important in life. Nicholas and Timmy will be dearly missed, and lovingly remembered.
We offer great boarding services, too!!!
Call us today to set up a Preboarding Exam and tour of our boarding facilities!